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Epson TM-T88IV - The industry-standard receipt printer.

Testech recommends the Epson TM-T88IV receipt printer.

The TM-T88IV thermal printer is the latest addition to Epson’s innovative, industry-leading TM-T88 POS printer series. Designed specifically for high-volume retail and food service environments, the TM-T88IV delivers more speed and more reliability than ever before. It offers 25% faster printing of text and graphics than the TM-T88III, two-color capability and more ease-of-use features.

  • High-speed printing of up to 7.9”/sec. — 25% faster than the TM-T88III
  • Same fast print speed for both text and graphics
  • Two-color printing of receipts including logos and all other graphics
  • Ease-of-use features including drop-in paper loading, long-lasting autocutter and Auto Status Back messages
  • Improved cover design for increased spill resistance
  • Optional power supply case
  • Two-year warranty

Epson TM-U220 - The industry-standard kitchen printer.

Testech recommends the Epson TM-U220 kitchen printer.

Epson’s TM-U220 printers are the enhanced, more powerful successors to Epson’s best-selling TM-U200 family. Available in three different models, Epson’s TM-U220 printers are compact, reliable and fast, and offer all the easy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries.

  • Three impact printer models
  • Easy to operate
  • 30% faster than the TM-U200 series
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Two-color, black and red receipt and order printing
  • Right-side-up printing for kitchen orders
  • Flexible paper width
  • Two-year warranty
  • Optional power supply case


Testech recommends the Spill-Proof Citizen CT-S2000

Taking the hospitality industry by storm...
the Citizen CT-S2000 with spill-proof design!

With its unique high-speed DMA (Direct Memory Access) the CT-S2000 is a two-color, thermal printer capable of "real-world" speeds up to 220 mm/second and offers variety of advanced printer features including: Spill-Shield™ design to prevent damage from moisture or foreign objects to the internal mechanism, large capacity (102mm) drop-in paper loading, Quick-Clear™ technology for one-touch clearing of cutter jams, a two-million cut rated auto paper cutter, USB interface standard on ALL units (serial and parallel), and can accommodate four different paper widths (58, 60, 80, and 82.5 mm).

  • Spill-Shield™ design prevents damage from moisture or foreign objects
  • Quick-Clear™ technology for one-touch clearing of cutter jams
  • USB interface standard on all units: serial and parallel

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