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ELO 1515L

Designed, developed and built to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective touch screen solution for POS applications.

Testech recommends the ELO 1515L touchmonitor.

The 1515L provides reliable, durable operation and comes from the worldwide leader in touchmonitors. The optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader (MSR), programmable to either HID or Keyboard Emulation (USB only), is easily added, and provides an elegant, integrated solution, eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments. The 1515L features a choice of three touch technologies: AccuTouch five-wire resistive technology, the most widely used for retail applications and proven to survive splashing liquids, food and grease; IntelliTouch pure glass surface wave technology, for the ultimate in optical quality for dry retail and hospitality applications; or Acoustic Pulse Recognition technology.

  • Economical and reliable
  • Up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 75 Hz
  • Sealed touchscreen
  • Dual serial/USB interface
  • Removable base and VESA mounting option
  • Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security
  • Controls on the side rather than the front, plus lockout function for public use
  • Digital on-screen display (OSD)
  • Internal power supply
  • Worldwide agency approvals

AMR LCB 1510

The preferred low-cost solution for demanding POS applications.

Testech recommends the AMR LCB1510 touch screen display. The AMR LCB1510 touch screen provides increased functionality and endless possibilities, without the cumbersome addition of a mouse or keyboard. Whether your POS configuration incorporates a desktop, open frame or panel-mount display, quality touch screen capabilities are available from AMR. Two unique touch characteristics present in the LCB1510 series make it highly proficient for POS applications:

Resistive (5 Wire) Touch is widely used in the most demanding POS environments. This pressure sensitive technology is responsive to any input device, including finger, glove, stylus or other contact point that creates an internal electrical contact in the screen.

Capacitive Touch is extremely durable and, while offering higher clarity than resistive screens, limits the input to finger contact. The finger touch acts as a capacitor, drawing current from the screen. Capacitive touch screens are prominent in outdoor, heavy use and other extreme POS environments.


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